I Research Health on Your Website (Yes, Yours)

Can we get a little personal here? We talk a lot on our blog about our products and our customers but I want to get a little more microscopic than that. I am an avid consumer of health products (as are many of my coworkers). Here’s my story of why:

This time last year I had just gotten out of the hospital after a 5 day stay. I have Crohn’s disease and had failed on the medicine I was taking. (On a side note, I hate failing anything.) I was put on high doses of prednisone to try to avoid having surgery and to give my doctors time to figure out a new medicine to try.

I’m a researcher by nature so I turned to the content put out by my trusted colleagues here at Aisle7 to learn as much as I could to regain my health. I learned that fish oil and a daily multivitamin are great for Crohn’s. When my blood work came back showing I had anemia, I learned that I should take iron and Vitamin C to help with absorption. I learned that the prednisone I was taking causes calcium depletion and that Vitamin D helps with bone health. I started cutting gluten out of my diet. And a Newswire article came out during that time that said walking was good for me.

Do you see all those links? That is my personal journey through the Aisle7 content – and the resulting monthly purchases I make (just for supplements) come out to over $80:

Over $80 of supps!

A year later I’m feeling great, thanks in part to all of these tips and supplements. I’m grateful to work with our retail partners who want their customers (like me) to have access to quality products AND to feel empowered to learn more about health.