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For years, Aisle7 Online has been the premier platform for presenting a library of health and wellness materials on the Web. And now, with our latest suite of products, we offer an unrivaled e-commerce experience.

This summer, Hi-Health is launching a full set of e-commerce enabled products to supplement their exisiting Wellness Education Center, which is already powered by Aisle7:

  • Conversion Package w/ E-Commerce Linking
  • Dynamic Content Targeting
  • Vitamin Advisor w/ E-Commerce

In licensing our Conversion Package w/ E-Commerce Linking, a “Find Products” button was automatically enabled throughout our supplement based content that sends terms directly into the Hi-Health product search engine. This places curious browsers one click away from key products at the very moment they have been convinced of their need.

On individual product pages, Hi-Health has utilized our Dynamic Content Targeting data service to channel in the most relevant content that will aid in purchase. When a user is considering buying a B Vitamin, they conveniently have the info they need to push them over the tipping point.

Next up for integration is a customized Vitamin Advisor tool. This two-step questionnaire recommends over 20 different products straight from the Hi-Health catalog, and even includes an Add-To-Cart button that pushes a user right into the checkout process with a full cart!

Hi-Health is committed to help their customers find the products they need, and with the help of Aisle7, they are now poised to deliver! Explore their full site right here:

The Website Doldrums

You started a business!  That’s great.

Aired a TV commercial!  So bold.

Opened a second location!  On a roll.

Launched an e-commerce website! How 21st century.

Became satisfied with a dismal 1.4% conversion rate online!  [Crickets chirping]


I have seen this story line unfold time and time again. What shocks me isn’t the low conversion rate, but the complacency I see from those who manage these poorly yielding websites. And worst yet, these folks doll out far more excuses than solutions!

At Aisle7, we help people make healthy decisions. Across the world we help shoppers find the right health and wellness products. And across the web we help retailers improve their sales. And when we find gems of knowledge that can be reapplied, we write them up as easy to read, 1-2 page, Best Practice white papers.

Here are a few examples from the Aisle7 Best Practice Library:


Search Engine Optimization - Enable Basic Search - Integrated Search Methods


Building Better Menus - Styling Aisle7 Content - Adding The Newswire widget


Social Media Marketing - Build Your Brand - Dynamic Content Targeting

Site-Wide Techniques

Content Drives Decisions (New!)

Visit (and definitely bookmark!) the full library here. New Best Practices are released most every month. Now let’s see the conversion rate get up there!

Feeling Lucky?

Over the past weeks, Lucky Vitamins has taken great leaps forward on their e-commerce site, using Aisle7 Online content to drive consumer decisions like never before. Now, at every stage of purchase: the moment a user lands on their site, searches for a product, or browses a category, they are within a click of on-point health information.

They started simple, launching a tightly integrated landing page asset on a page that has been optimized for social sharing and includes several tagging tools. This page can be accessed at any time, from either the main menu or from the nicely crafted icons at the bottom of the site.

While some shoppers will arrive at a site and immediately seek out health information, many more will dive right into the on-site search. Following our integrated search Best Practice article, they built a search engine that mingles their products with Aisle7 articles on adjacent tabs.

Still not satisfied, Lucky Vitamins decided to again put Aisle7 content at the forefront by integrating sets of links on key category and product pages. Using their free Content Explorer tool (haven’t seen it yet? contact me!) they found matching articles and guides that would boost consumer confidence and push them over the sales tipping point. The right info at the right time!

None of the above improvements take stunning technical expertise or weeks of development time. The real drive here was vision, of the way shopper’s would use (and occasionally stumble!) through their online shop. Check out their live site today!

Health Needs of the Healthy

The summer of 2012 is a big one for health & wellness in America. Wait wait wait – I am not going to bore you with an intensive debate of the constitutionality of health care reform. I’ll enter into evidence the fact that my law training doesn’t extend beyond viewership of the first two seasons of L.A. Law.

I want to talk about the Olympics.

I just spent the last two weekends in Eugene, Ore. spectating the Olympic Trials for Track & Field. Over eight days of competition, America’s finest runners, jumpers, and throwers competed for the right to represent our country at this summer’s Olympic Games in London. It was stunning display of athleticism, from slender harriers in the distance events to strapping giants tossing javelins like toothpicks.

Hayward Field – Eugene, Oregon

What a show! I was even lucky enough to watch Ashton Eaton break the world record in the decathlon to earn the title of “World’s Greatest Athlete.”

But what does this have to do health and wellness marketing? You might be thinking that these perfect human specimens running 110 miles per week aren’t quite the targets of your recent heart health campaigns, and they certainly don’t have any concerns about diabetes. You are probably right on those points, but…

Beware of marginalizing the health needs of the healthy.

Case in point: 5k finalist Lauren Fleshman. Tired of sub-standard post-workout food options, she founded Picky Bars, a business that sells “Allergy Sensitive, Athlete Designed, Scientifically Scrumptious” snack bars. We are talking about a two-time US Champion, presumably one of the healthiest people on the planet, still striving to find something better.

It is easy to build your marketing calendar around health maladies, and yeah, Aisle7 has got you completely covered in that realm. Just don’t forget to pepper your calendar with concepts that play to the already healthy. We’ve got you covered there too!

What Is Your Website For?

In my last post, I told you about the hardest question an Aisle7 customer had ever asked me. Moving from defense to offense, I will tell you today about the simplest, yet toughest, question I ask to our subscribers:

“What is your website for?”

Sit back and think that over. There are a lot of easy answers, but it will take some thought to get an A+. Let’s start with some of the regular responses:

  • “To sell stuff.”
  • “For marketing.”
  • Everyone has a website.”

True statements across the board, but I am thinking those are C- answers. These are better:

  • “To introduce my product and sell it.”
  • “To help steer customers into my store.”
  • “Seriously, everyone has a website!”

Now we are getting there, but are still only at the B level. Here is what the teacher was really looking for:

  • “To engage potential customers, convince them that they direly need the products I offer, put those items into their cart, and get them in line to check out.”

And then the music cues in, and I introduce Aisle7 Wellness Shops.

Wellness Shop Home Page

Our Wellness Shops are friendly information centers focused on specific health conditions or goals. They draw customers in with sharp imagery and rotating monthly content. They keep them focused by presenting only targeted information, never allowing them to stray too far. And most importantly, they invite conversion with Promolink, an embedded campaign that you can customize that connects them to your top products or promotions.

Promolink w/ Sample Products

Learn more about the ways to use our Wellness Shops, featuring Promolink, visit our Aisle7 Best Practice Library or access a Live Demo today.

And stay tuned for my next installment, “The Easiest Questions I Answer and The Lovely Folks That Ask Them.”

Don’t Just Check a Box

No one has spoken to more Aisle7 customers than me. Not even close.

As a Web Solution Consultant, I check in daily with our customers, new and old, to make sure that they are getting the most from our platform. These are fun calls: we bounce around ideas, plot strategy, and occasionally talk technical.

I always close my sessions by inviting any questions. Most of these are softballs that I knock out of the park. But just last week a potential customer wound up and threw a screwball my way:

“What’s the biggest challenge I will face if I become an Aisle7 customer?”

Whoa. That put me back on my heels. But the answer came to me, “Your web venture won’t succeed if you are simply trying to ‘check a box’ by tossing in some health content.”

Ok, so what does that mean? Aisle7 Online is so much more than just a page on your website. It is a marketing platform built to support your unique goals. And those who use it as such tend to run successful online ventures.

These companies, from the tiniest e-commerce start ups to massive global enterprises, focus on these three pillars of customer interaction:

  • Acquisition: Using health and wellness information to attract needy customers
  • Engagement: Ensuring that customers, once onsite, can find the exact guidance they need
  • Conversion: Driving that bottom-line with the perfect mix of commerce and content

And that’s what our products are all about. Helping your business every step of the way, captivating shoppers, inspiring decisions, and driving sales.

Yeah, so I dodged a weakness question by turning it into a strength question. Interviewing 101!

Fortune 50 Retail Business Boosts Conversion Rate Four-Fold w/ Aisle7 Online

In the fourth quarter of 2011, a large club warehouse retailer (Think: Giant jars of pickles!) came to Aisle7 with one simple question:

How can we improve our e-commerce conversion rate?

It was a typical story – they had a huge, happy customer base clicking through their online health and wellness catalog, but were struggling to push these shoppers all the way through to checkout.

Our solution: place expert written, relevant, and informative Aisle7 content directly on product pages, adjacent to “Buy It Now” and “Add to Cart” buttons. Brilliant!

Our years of experience in the wellness marketing game can be boiled down to this:

Consumer focused content drives decisions in e-commerce.

What Happened?

The retailer listened, and built a new product page (like the one above) with a targeted Aisle7 article embedded, to mirror their “standard” shopping page. During the two-week test that followed, conversation rates were four times higher on their content rich product pages. Previously, just 2.4% of shop browsers were reaching for their wallets. Now, 9.9% were converting! Here’s a graphic featuring creepy silhouettes to help hammer this point home:


Acquiring new customers is great, but, don’t forget you have a huge chunk of pie already on the table. Dig in. Explore the offerings of Aisle7 to learn more!