Day #30: Help Customers Manage Their Prescriptions



It’s day 30! The last day of the campaign. Over a month ago we set out a promise to provide 30 new strategies to use our new content marketing tool, Aisle7 Content Explorer. Aisle7 ONLINE customers get it for free, so we wanted to get you started with a bunch of ideas on how to use it. If you’ve been with us through the duration, you’ve read how it can be used to build campaigns for your site, e-mail, blog, printed materials and facebook pages. If you haven’t, never fear, we have all of our posts neatly organized in chronological order for your viewing pleasure. In a few days, we’ll do a wrap up with your favorites.

For today’s post, I’d like to talk about a topic that hits just about every home in America. Prescription and non-prescription drug consumption. By all accounts, this trend isn’t going to turn around anytime soon. Drug sales continue to rise and thus consumers need information tools to help them take their medications safely. For many years, we have offered the industry standard in drug monographs, First Data Bank. With a few clicks, your customers can look up everything they need to know on everything from Albuterol to Zyrtec. What you may not know is that you can go a step further. Last week, I talked about putting the 80/20 rule to work on your website by using Index Widgets. To contine the theme, I’d like to talk about the new Drug Interactions Widget.

It features the top 10 most popular drugs, in a handy display for easy deployment on your website pages. Given the topics popularity, I’d recommend placing it on a high traffic page like your home page, pharamcy or healthy living page. The drugs featured in this tool capture a majority of drug sales. In addition to explaining what to avoid, it is one of the only tools that highlights what to take, to make a prescription more effective. This is a powerful value add to your customers and can also be helpful to your bottom line.

Here’s how to put it on your site with Aisle7 Content Explorer:

1. Open the Widget Tab

2. Select Finder Widget Collection and fnd Drug/Nutrient Interactions Widget

3. Grab the REST based URL or AJAX script and place it on your page.

It’s that easy. Want to put this strategy to work on your site with Aisle7 Content Explorer? Check out the demo or Email us to get access.

Day #27: The Importance of a Great Supporting Cast

If you look at the best of the best, you typically find a phenomenal supporting cast. Michael Jorden had Scotty Pippen and Dennis Rodman. Jerry Seinfield had Elanie, Kramer and George Castanza. A lot of attention typically gets focused on the lead for good reason. Their virtuoso like skills are a sight to behold. However, without the supporting cast to add dimension to their abilities, they wouldn’t have become the breakout success they are.

The content on your website is no different. Every page has at least one lead item or primary call to action. It also needs supporting satellite content to help reinforce the message and give “the lead” a platform on which it can display its brilliance. For the coming Winter season the lead may be specials on flu shot immunizations or immunity products. For diabetes awareness month it may be a diabetes-friendly holiday recipe collection. Whatever the topic, you need to have supporting content to help reinforce the lead theme. Fortunately, Aisle7 has over 250 supporting feature articles on a range of self-care topics to help fill in any content gaps you need and make your pages sing.

With Aisle7 Content Explorer you can browse through the Call-Out gallery and immediately find articles to strengthen your pages. Here’s how you find it:

1. Once you’ve opened Content Explorer, select Call-Out gallery

2. Enter your search keyword term

3. Narrow your search by choosing the type of article you’re interested in. (News, Feature, etc..)

4. Preview and select the call-out(s) you need

5. Grab the URL to post a link on a page or grab the AJAX or REST based URL to pull in the graphic call-out text.



It’s that easy. Want to build your own supporting cast with Aisle7 Content Explorer? Check out the demo or Email us to get access.


Day #24: Enable Online Shoppers with the Homeopathic Medicine Finder


Decisions are hard. Health decisions are even harder. The Aisle7 Homeopathic Medicine Finder is here to help!

Available as a widget, this interactive decision support tool can be placed nearly anywhere on a website. Once launched (as an attractive overlay), users are guided step-by-step to an appropriate homeopathic remedy, complete with a recommended product, dosage details, and additional health warnings and information. Recent research shows that consumers interest in homeopathic remedies is growing.

How can I enable shoppers with a decision support tool?

  1. Find the Homeopathic Medicine Finder in Content Explorer under the Widget Gallery tab, in the General Widget Collection.
  2. Grab the provided short snippet of code, pre-written for your convenience!
  3. Share by pasting that code somewhere on your site, or passing along the code to your Web team.

It’s that easy. Want to get started? Email us now to access Content Explorer. Or call 877-659-7630.

Day #21: Tune Your Searches in Content Explorer

Content Explorer search works just like other Web searches—by providing you with the most relevant results to the phrase you are searching for. Type in a word or phrase and click Go to get started. If you don’t have a search in mind, browse our content categories, or look through the Hot Topics panel for the latest and most topical information.

Narrow your results by selecting a category—for example, displaying only the Feature Articles that match your search term. Sort your results alphabetically using the available drop down. The default sort places the most relevant articles at the top. Find a phrase by placing it in quotes (“high cholesterol”). If you didn’t find the ideal content, try removing the quotes for a broader search!

How can I use Content Explorer’s search functionality?

  1. Find content by typing a word or phrase in the search box and clicking Go!
  2. Grab the materials, as a link or snippet of code.
  3. Share this relevant content with your target market.

It’s that easy. Want to get started? Email us now to access Content Explorer. Or call 877-659-7630.

Day #19: Preview Before You Post

You think you have found it, the perfect article to pair with you winter vitamin campaign. The title sounds like a great match, “What’s the Best Form of Vitamin D?” and the opening sounds right on topic. But how can you preview the entire article, perhaps in the context of your actual site?

By clicking the magnifying glass icon, you can see a basic (non-styled) preview of the entire article. This is great for a read-through to make sure the material really is on point.

For an even better look, click the Grab It button and then the “Go to this page on my website” link. You will be brought a live version on your actual site, complete with styles, menus, sidebars, and all!

How can I preview content before I post it on my site using Content Explorer?

  1. Find an item by browsing through titles and short snippets, and then click the magnifying glass for the full text version.
  2. Grab content, and preview it live via the link in the overlay!
  3. Share, with full assurance that your customers will be getting the information they need.

It’s that easy. Want to get started? Email us now to access Content Explorer. Or call 877-659-7630.

Day #18: Enliven a Web Page with the Quicktip Widget


The Web is loaded with content, and attention spans are at an all-time low. This dangerous combo threatens any website that can’t keep pace with regular, engaging online updates. And who has time for that?!?

By installing the Quick Tip widget, from Aisle7′s Widget Gallery, you can achieve piece of mind as new topics are automatically loaded monthly. Drop it on your home page and forget it!

Enliven a webpage with the dynamically updating Quick Tip widget:

  1. Find the Quick Tip widget under the Widget Gallery tab and General Widget Collection.
  2. Grab a short snippet of AJAX code (or a REST url).
  3. Share by pasting this small piece of code somewhere on your site. A new topic will automatically stream to your site every month. To style Quick Tip, read this Best Practice article.

It’s that easy. Want to get started? Email us now to access Content Explorer. Or call 877-659-7630.

Day #17: Steer Online Visitors to Table of Contents Pages


A well-informed customer has the knowledge they need to make confident purchases. With over 150 Table of Contents pages, Aisle7 ONLINE has no shortage of knowledge centers. With topics ranging from ayurvedic herbs, to beef, to bone conditions, there is a landing page for every type of consumer.

How can I direct online visitors towards up-to-date, relevant information and guides?

  1. Find a Table of Contents page that suits your needs in Content Explorer by either using the Search function or narrowing by category (see above).
  2. Grab a link to the page that matches your customers needs.
  3. Share this link as a menu (or sub-menu) item on your homepage! Do this either via your CMS, or by sending the exact link to your web team.

It’s that easy. Want to get started? Email us now to access Content Explorer. Or call 877-659-7630.

Day #16: Arm Customers on Your Site with Seasonal Info


You just heard it on the radio during your morning commute: “Summer sun in store for this weekend!” Your customers, eager to stock up on BBQ recipes, flock to your website. Capitalize on this seasonal swing by catching their attention with on-topic text and a link to an article about healthy living in warm weather.

How can you rapidly arm your online customers with the information they need, steering them to summer safe products like sun screen and electrolyte beverages?

  1. Find a topical article in Content Explorer by using the Search function, previewing with the magnifying glass icon.
  2. Grab a link to the article using the standard “copy” shortcut on your keyboard.
  3. Share the link by embedding it in some text on your homepage. If you don’t have access to your website directly, just pass the link along to your web marketing team to present as creatively as they can.

It’s that easy. Want to get started? Email us now to access Content Explorer. Or call 877-659-7630.

Day #7: Expand Your Brand Online with a Microsite Campaign


There is no doubt about it, your website frequently serves as the face of your business. Its consistent presence, accessible 24/7, makes it an invaluable tool for selling your brand. But what happens when you want to approach potential customers from another angle, telling them a different story, with out modifying your main site?

A microsite is a niche marketing technique – basically a mini-website designed to deliver a focused message. It could be a section of your current site (, a sub-domain (, or even an entirely separate domain ( Aisle7 ONLINE is a gold mine of content to build a microsite around, and will save your team countless hours of time conceptualizing, writing, and editing.

How can I expand my target market with a microsite campaign using Aisle7 ONLINE content?

  1. Find a suitable Section Home or Table of Contents page in Content Explorer (image above).
  2. Grab the pre-written snippet of AJAX code (or REST URL path).
  3. Share by pasting the snippet on the front page of your microsite using a website editor or CMS system.

It’s that easy. Want to get started? Email us now to access Content Explorer. Or call 877-659-7630.