Day #29: Put the 80/20 Rule to Work on Your Healthy Living Pages



Aisle7 offers thousands health and wellness articles. From hemolytic anemia to indegestion, we provide self-care recommendations to help people make smart decisions. Providing long-tail results is a foundational strength of the program. However, when we review our traffic analysis reports, the 80/20 rule is alive and well.  To accomodate this need, we created Index Widgets. They provide quick access to the most popular items in our database. Convenience is a pillar of good web design. Now you can make it refreshingly easy for your customers to find the self-care wellness topics that are of high interest. And Aisle7 Content Explorer makes it easy for you to add these powerful widgets to your site.

Here’s what you do:

1. Open Aisle7 Content Explorer and select the Widget Gallery Tab

2. Select the Index Widget Gallery Collection. You’ll then be presented with a number of Index Widgets available for you to place, like Top Health Conditions.

3. Select “Grab” and copy and paste the AJAX script or grab the REST based URL path to insert into your website page.

That’s it. Index widgets are great additions to health and wellness section pages or product category pages to help educate customers on popular products, conditions and health goals.

It’s that easy. Want to put the 80/20 rule to work on your site with Aisle7 Content Explorer? Check out the demo or Email us to get access.


Day #26: Put the Power of Search to Work


Internet search has been one of the biggest innovations our society has seen in the last decade. At the drop of a hat you can find an answer to just about any question you can think of. Some say the power of search and therefore the power to know is wiping myth out of the public consciousness. That’s a pretty lofty idea. Framed in more tangible terms, I believe search has created what has been termed the information-hungry-shopper — the ability to know the best price, attributes and benefits for a given product. Now that the Internet is the #1 source of health information, this trend is especially powerful for health and wellness marketers.

Now you can put this powerful trend to work on your site by adding Aisle7 search. In the blink of an eye, a customer on your site can perform a search on any health topic and get relevant health and wellness articles that provide valuable information on your products.

For example, they could look up “chromium health benefits” or “gluten free recipes” and have the information at their fingertips to help make healthy product decisions.

It’s a great addition to complementary health and wellness pages as well as product pages. It’s provided as a small self-contained widget that can be easily placed in a navigation sidebar.

Here’s how you access it in Aisle7 Content Explorer:

1. Open the Widget Gallery Tab

2. Grab the widget by pulling the REST based URL or AJAX script to place into your website page

3. Search is now enabled, providing your customers access to all of the Aisle7 health and wellness articles available in your license.


It’s that easy. Want to get started? Check out the demo or Email us to get access. To read more about Aisle7 search, take a look at our best practice guide.

Day #25: Create Confident, Informed Customers

Most online retailers have long wish lists: a worldwide customer base, bottomless inventory, cut-rate shipping costs, and so on. Great dreams no doubt, but across the board they are tough to attain.

How about confident, well-informed customers on the cusp of making a purchase? Easier than ever with Aisle7 Content Explorer.

Enhance your online store by inserting pertinent health and wellness articles onto your product and category pages. By simply adding an additional “tab” to your product page template (as shown below), you can instantly create a new piece of page real estate to house Aisle7 content.

Ditto for your product category pages! Inform the customer with an Aisle7 article (“What are Antioxidants?”), bolster the case with customers reviews or news, and then send them merrily along to your Top Sellers for an easy conversion.

How can I add informative Aisle7 content to my store’s product pages?

  1. Find matching articles in Content Explorer.
  2. Grab the provided AJAX snippet of code to will display the item.
  3. Share by pasting that code into a new tab on the proper product page!

It’s that easy. Want to get started? Email us now to access Content Explorer. Or call 877-659-7630.

Day#23: Promote the Wellness Campaigns On Your Site

A few days ago, we talked about how to use Aisle7 Content Explorer to find a Table of Content Page and give your website a “shot in the arm” on a specific health and wellness topic. Table of Content Pages are really powerful because they provide many valuable resources on a specific subject. It could be anything for a “Heart Health Center” to “Best Recipes for the Big Game”.   

Today, I want to talk about how you can promote a Table of Contents (TOC) Page, once you’ve featured it on your site through Facebook, Twitter and E-mail marketing. For example, let’s say you posted ”Best Recipes for the Big Game” in a new section on your site — now that football season is in full swing.  You don’t have to stop there. Aisle7 Content Explorer also provides you with a targeted URL to the TOC page that you can use in your outbound marketing campaigns. All you need to do is find the asset in Aisle7 Content Explorer through a quick search. Grab the targeted URL supplied for the asset and then distribut to your marketing channel. 

Once you have the URL you can post it into the marketing channel of your choice. It’s a great way to get the word out for a new wellness campaign you’re featuring on your site.

That’s it. Want to get started? Check out the demo or Email us to get access.

I hope you have as much fun watching the games as I will. Go Eagles!

Day #20: Create Great E-mails that Drive Site Traffic


Phew, 20 tips with Aisle7 Content Explorer and counting. If you’re new to the 30 ways in 30 days campaign, take a look at the best practices we’ve covered over the last 20 business days. We have covered a lot of ground. One topic we haven’t talked about yet is how to use Aisle7 Content Explorer to strengthen an e-mail campaign.

With back to school in full swing — I brought my daughter to her first day of 5th grade today — parents are thinking about how they can get a healthy start to the new school year. Healthy lunches, allergies, immunizations, nutrition, schoolyard germs…. these topics are on the minds of parents across the country as they bring their kids back into the classroom. Here’s how you can supplement your editorial strategy with great wellness topics from Aisle7.

Aisle7 Content Explorer provides dozens of health topics to feature in your e-mail campaign

1) Just enter your keyword search term. Allergies, childhood nutrition, immunications, healthy lunches, all provide great results to  feature.

2) Preview the article to make sure the editorial is in line with your message.

3) Select “grab it” and take the URL that’s supplied. This points back to your website page, featuring Aisle7 wellness content.

4) Create a sidebar and title it the “Top 3 Health Topics for Back to School” and insert the links. Voila! You’ve just strengthend your e-mail and added extra value to your audience.

It’s that easy. Want to get started? Email us now to access Content Explorer. Or call 877-659-7630.

Day #13: Drive Category Sales Online with a Callout Article

Your inventory is overflowing with dietary supplements, but customer demand has flat-lined. How can you introduce your shoppers to this (or any!) category of products with Aisle7′s engaging, professionally written content?

Drive customers down a purchasing path with a callout pulled from Content Explorer:

  1. Find the right callout (there are over 600!) on the Callout tab, using the Search box.
  2. Grab the short snippet of AJAX code (or REST URL path).
  3. Share by carving out a small space on your homepage, and pasting the piece of code right in there. Want to push a different product or concept? Just replace the snippet with another from Content Explorer!

It’s that easy. Want to get started? Check out the demo or Email us to get access.

#12: Frequent Wellness Content Updates Drive Site Performance



It’s no secret that website pages that are regularly updated with new content drive repeat visits and keep consumers more engaged. Just search google with the keyphrase “how often should I update my website” and you’ll see dozens of opinions that suggest you update your website pages as much as you can afford. Not only is it good for site engagement, it’s good for search too! Google and other search engines regularly look for new content on your site to index. We find that customers that regularly update their health and wellness pages drive the most traffic to the Aisle7 health and wellness content.

Aisle7 Content Explorer is a great tool to give you ideas of health and wellness articles that you can cycle through your most strategic pages. I suggest paying particular attention to landing pages and section or department pages, as they receive the highest amounts of traffic. If you’re an Aisle7 ONLINE customer, Content Explorer helps you maximize your investment — i.e. you can post as many new articles on your site as you want without any additional cost.

So how do you do it? Well, you could use the powerful search feature in Content Explorer. However, I like to use the “Hot Topics” section which presents Trending Topics, Latest News and Seasonal Features. My personal favorite is to look at Trending Topics. It provides a list of the most popular articles consumers are interested in over the last 30 days. If these topics resonate with your content or product mix and you don’t feature these on a main page, you should. It’s what consumers across the country are interested in reading about across a whole range of retailer, manufacturer, health, and media sites that use Aisle7.

How do you do it? Simple. Aisle7 Content Explorer allows you to:

1) Find and preview the article of interest

2) Then grab the AJAX code or link to post to your page.

I’d recommend choosing an article that has a call-out associated with it. If you’re unfamiliar with what a call-out is, take a look at this post we wrote a few days ago.

Once you post the article into your site, you can track performance with Aisle7 analytics services, or use your own web analytics system. Since the cost to add new content to your site is zero, I recommend experimenting with the frequency with which you update wellness content on your pages and see how your audience responds to regular content updates. By leveraging the Hot Topics feature in Content Explorer, you’re sure to find something that’s of interest.

If you don’t already have Aisle7 Content Explorer and want to get started, check out the demo or Email us to get access.

Day #10: Punch up the ol’ Blog

Do you ever run into an article that you want to share directly to your blog audience? Maybe a breaking news story, or health article that helps support your point of view. I know it’s easy to just create a link to an article that links out to another website. But sometimes you want to keep your readers eyeballs focused on all the great content you work so hard to create.

Aisle7 Content Explorer can help.

By now, you may have read how Content Explorer allows you to find, grab and share any wellness article Aisle7 creates to your website. The same is true for a blog. In fact, this is exactly what the, an informative blog on nutrition, does today. With Aisle7 Content Explorer you can search on any wellness topic to see what types of articles are available. Or if you have writer’s block, you can check out the Hot Topics panel and see what’s in the news. For example, we just published a news story today on a study that suggests Vitamin D may increase lifespan! How’s that for an attention grabbing headline to make your blog readers come back for more?

To make it happen, here’s what you need to do:

1) Once you’ve found the article you want

2) Select ”Grab It”

3) Cut and paste the AJAX script into your blog and viola!

Great content in a snap.  

It’s that easy. Want to get started? Check out the demo or Email us to get access.

Day #6: A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words



In 1921, Fred Barnard coined the term “a picture is worth a thousand words” in Printers’ Ink magazine when conveying the value of imagery in print. As another saying goes “the rest is history”. Visit any publication and the use of imagery to pull in a reader is apparant.

With Aisle7 Content Explorer you can have the same power. The new “Call-Outs” library allows you to select from hundreds of image focused feature call-outs to make impactful presentations on your website pages. Just like the Widget Gallery and Content Search, you can enter a keyword on a health and wellness topic and immediately receive dozens of image focused feature call-outs that can be placed on your website page to engage and educate your website visitors.




For example, let’s take today’s top health topic in USA Today “Breakfasts with fiber and protein start the school year right“. To capitalize on the media attention, you could use Aisle7 Content Explorer to promote this topic on your homepage. Ideally you’d find an article that educates consumers on the importance of breakfast, plus provide meal ideas that stimulate sales. Using the key phrase “healthy breakfasts and fiber” Aisle7 Content Explorer returns almost a dozen options to choose from. Everything from a wheat-free pancake recipe to a feature article on the benefits of breakfast and easy to make meal  recommendations.






Once you’ve found the call-out you like:

1) Select the “Grab It” link in the top right corner

2) Grab the AJAX snippet (or REST URL)

3) Share by pasting this small piece of code on your homepage and begin sharing healthy options to start the day off right.

It’s that easy. Want to get started? Check out the demo or Email us to get access.

Day #5: Freshen up Your Homepage with the Newswire Widget


Visit any media site and the news is typically the most prominent piece of content. Why? Consumers love it. We definitely see that trend at Aisle7: our weekly news service, Healthnotes Newswire, outpaces our other content by a 2:1 margin. Now you can make the news work for your site, too. Placing the Newswire widget on a highly trafficked page gives your customers articles that everyone likes to read while minimizing your content development costs for those pages.

The Newswire widget comes with Aisle7 ONLINE Standard and Plus. If you have either of these products, you have probably already seen it on your Aisle7 landing page, auto-updating weekly with new content!






Engage online visitors with dynamic content using Content Explorer:

  1. Find the Newswire widget under the Widget Gallery tab and General Widget Collection.
  2. Grab a short snippet of AJAX code (or a REST url).
  3. Share by pasting this small piece of code somewhere on your homepage. Three new headlines will automatically stream to your site each week.

It’s that easy. Want to get started? Email us now to access Content Explorer. Or call 877-659-7630.