Day #30: Help Customers Manage Their Prescriptions



It’s day 30! The last day of the campaign. Over a month ago we set out a promise to provide 30 new strategies to use our new content marketing tool, Aisle7 Content Explorer. Aisle7 ONLINE customers get it for free, so we wanted to get you started with a bunch of ideas on how to use it. If you’ve been with us through the duration, you’ve read how it can be used to build campaigns for your site, e-mail, blog, printed materials and facebook pages. If you haven’t, never fear, we have all of our posts neatly organized in chronological order for your viewing pleasure. In a few days, we’ll do a wrap up with your favorites.

For today’s post, I’d like to talk about a topic that hits just about every home in America. Prescription and non-prescription drug consumption. By all accounts, this trend isn’t going to turn around anytime soon. Drug sales continue to rise and thus consumers need information tools to help them take their medications safely. For many years, we have offered the industry standard in drug monographs, First Data Bank. With a few clicks, your customers can look up everything they need to know on everything from Albuterol to Zyrtec. What you may not know is that you can go a step further. Last week, I talked about putting the 80/20 rule to work on your website by using Index Widgets. To contine the theme, I’d like to talk about the new Drug Interactions Widget.

It features the top 10 most popular drugs, in a handy display for easy deployment on your website pages. Given the topics popularity, I’d recommend placing it on a high traffic page like your home page, pharamcy or healthy living page. The drugs featured in this tool capture a majority of drug sales. In addition to explaining what to avoid, it is one of the only tools that highlights what to take, to make a prescription more effective. This is a powerful value add to your customers and can also be helpful to your bottom line.

Here’s how to put it on your site with Aisle7 Content Explorer:

1. Open the Widget Tab

2. Select Finder Widget Collection and fnd Drug/Nutrient Interactions Widget

3. Grab the REST based URL or AJAX script and place it on your page.

It’s that easy. Want to put this strategy to work on your site with Aisle7 Content Explorer? Check out the demo or Email us to get access.

Health and Wellness Content for Retail Customers

Aisle7 was started because there was (and still is) a lot of confusion and misinformation about vitamins and herbs. I knew first-hand from working with retailers who sold supplements that it was really hard for them to get accurate and current information. As a doctor, I knew there were literally thousands of scientific studies in the dusty old journals. However, non-professionals were never going to dig through all those articles; and if they ever tried, they’d lack the expertise to interpret “cohorts” and “p-values.”

In order to make this somewhat dry scientific data interesting and useful, I hired a group of doctors, pharmacists, and dieticians and had them review every article they could find that had anything to do with human nutrition and supplements. I then chose writers who (a) actually saw patients, (b) were good writers, (c) and had teaching experience. I wanted all of our articles to be friendly, accurate, and useful.

Now, like any business, we have a few (not many) competitors. What I have noticed over the many years of doing this, is that our competitors have certain characteristics in common. First, they never write for the layperson. Their articles are almost always targeted to doctors, so they are very dry and not very useful for “Dr. Mom.” Second, they are almost always written by academics, so they aren’t very practical since the writers have usually never seen a patient. Third, they are very wordy, and average people don’t like wordy—they want crisp and concise. Fourth, they aren’t written by people with any understanding of the natural products industry, so they are not very supportive. Fifth, and finally, some competitors don’t update their information very often, we actually review about 100,000 articles every year and update each week.

The bottom line? When asked, we say some of our competitors are fantastic—if you are a government agency or law firm. However, when those who are asking are trying to engage with consumers, there’s only one good option. But, don’t take our word for it—check out the thousands of retailer stores and the hundreds of websites that have been using Aisle7 products for over a decade.