Everyone Wants To Know: Where Are You?

Since we wrote about Location-Based Services like Foursquare, Gowalla and Loopt last week, more news around these programs have been announced, potentially indicating the growing popularity with both users and brands. Here’s a recap of some of those stories, to keep you up on the news and provide some food for thought as it relates to your own business.

Twitter Announces They’ll Add Places to Its Posts:  This brings new offerings for those using Twitter for data mining.

Forsquare to Open Online Store: Foursquare users get their wishes granted for real “offline” badges and merchandise to display their status.

Forget the Major, Gowalla Focuses on Serendipitous Deals for All: Everyone gets a chance to win cool offers just for checking in where they already are.

Brightkite Launches Location-Based Photo Tips: Imagine your shoppers letting their friends know that they’re at your store, and the season’s first strawberries have arrived, proving their ripeness with a photo.

Which Startups Will Bridge the Physical and Virtual Worlds? And have the sticky-ness to provide long-term value for consumers and brands?

Frequent Foursquare Miles? Topguest Checks In: For the travel industry, Topguest allows users to gather their “check-ins” from any of the LBS services out there and trade them in to their preferred travel partner of choice for reward points.  Could TopShopper be next for grocer retailers?

PlaceBook Bets on Privacy: While the exact purpose of this yet-to-be launched application is unknown today, it’s poised to address the big hurdle facing many who’ve not yet jumped into Foursquare and other LBS apps: privacy concerns.

What’s Next for Location Marketing? And how will these apps deliver value beyond the “I’m here” announcement?

Facebook Location Features Confirmed and Coming Soon: No details yet, but watch your local twitter stream for news.

What are your thoughts on this fairly new, yet popular tool? Are you thinking about location-based marketing tactics for your brand?