Day #29: Put the 80/20 Rule to Work on Your Healthy Living Pages



Aisle7 offers thousands health and wellness articles. From hemolytic anemia to indegestion, we provide self-care recommendations to help people make smart decisions. Providing long-tail results is a foundational strength of the program. However, when we review our traffic analysis reports, the 80/20 rule is alive and well.  To accomodate this need, we created Index Widgets. They provide quick access to the most popular items in our database. Convenience is a pillar of good web design. Now you can make it refreshingly easy for your customers to find the self-care wellness topics that are of high interest. And Aisle7 Content Explorer makes it easy for you to add these powerful widgets to your site.

Here’s what you do:

1. Open Aisle7 Content Explorer and select the Widget Gallery Tab

2. Select the Index Widget Gallery Collection. You’ll then be presented with a number of Index Widgets available for you to place, like Top Health Conditions.

3. Select “Grab” and copy and paste the AJAX script or grab the REST based URL path to insert into your website page.

That’s it. Index widgets are great additions to health and wellness section pages or product category pages to help educate customers on popular products, conditions and health goals.

It’s that easy. Want to put the 80/20 rule to work on your site with Aisle7 Content Explorer? Check out the demo or Email us to get access.