Day #28: Health and Wellness Campaigns for Hispanic Shoppers

According to the US Census Bureau, nearly 50 million Hispanic people live in the US. That number has been on a steady climb over the last 20 years with projections to top 60 million by the end of this decade. To help reach this population, Aisle7 offers expertly written articles on the most common self-care health conditions and nutritional supplements. For websites that serve a multi-lingual audience, we offer the ability to easily toggle between English and Spanish versions of an article. You can see an implementation in action by going to (Look for the toggle link in the top right corner)

Health and wellness marketers also have the ability to use the Aisle7 Spanish content for website pages, e-mail and Facebook campaigns for their Spanish speaking customers. All you need to do is open up Aisle7 Content Explorer. We just added our Spanish content to this powerful tool to allow customers to view all the Spanish health and wellness content we create and manage.











Once you’ve opened Aisle7 Content Explorer, you can easily search the database, preview articles and distribute with a URL or AJAX script. With URLs and scripts in hand you have everything you need to publish this content to your digital marketing channels. It’s that easy. Want to build your own Spanish based wellness campaigns with Aisle7 Content Explorer?  Email us to get access.