Day #1: Your First Search with Aisle7 Content Explorer

Yesterday we announced the availablility of Aisle7 Content Explorer.

Today, we’re going to start sharing best practices on how to use it. If you’re already a customer of Aisle7 ONLINE, Content Explorer is a brand new product that is included with your license. If you haven’t already, contact account services to get setup: 877.659.7630.

First, let’s start with the basics: using search. Aisle7 features over 9000 health and wellness articles in its database. It also offers various widgets, feature call-outs and decision support tools like Vitamin Advisor and the Homeopathic Medicine Finder. Aisle7 Content Explorer allows you to search through all of these elements on any wellness topic, preview your article and publish it to the world.

Now that we’re in the thick of summer and the weekend forecast calls for sun, sun, sun in Portland, summer picnics are on the brain. We’ve had our fair share of drizzly summer weekends, so demand for picnics skyrockets when the forecast looks like this. Content Explorer is a great tool to identify topics for what’s top of mind locally.

Let’s see how Aisle7 Content Explorer can help us build a campaign for summer picnic ideas

Step1: Enter your keyphrase “Summer Picnics”. We quickly see we have 41 results to choose from.










Step 2: Decisions, decisions…. Let’s preview “Great Grilling ideas”. After all, what’s a picnic without the bbq.













Step 3: Share it to your audience.  Let’s keep it simple and post a link on your page of choice. Aisle7 Content Explorer automatically identifies the URL that points to this article on your website. If you have access to your website editor, all you need to do is grab the link and paste it into your page. Or you can just hand the URL to your website manager to post for you.

That’s it! In less than a handful of minutes Aisle7 Content Explorer  let’s you find a great topic, grab it and share it to your site. Come back tomorrow and we’ll share more great ideas. Interested in learning more about Aisle7 Content Explorer? Call us 800.659.7630.