Day #22: Make it Easy to Decide Which Supplements to Try

Deciding which supplements to take can be a confusing affair for many consumers. New research is coming out every week. New articles with superlative headlines are featured in consumer publications and new claims are made by manufacturers. It’s one of the main reasons why we developed Vitamin Advisor, now in use by multiple supermarket chains, vitamin retailers and health food stores. If you use Aisle7 ONLINE Plus,  it can be accessed in Content Explorer. It’s a great tool to add to your home page or product category page.  Consumers love the tool. Over 70% complete the survey. And of those that complete, 25+% print the results to take into the store or 15+% add a product to cart.

If you don’t have Plus and would like to add Vitamin Advisor to your license, let us know. We can also create Custom Advisors that help inform consumers of the options for specific health conditions, goals or product sets.

Here’s how to access it in Aisle7 Content Explorer:

1) Simply, open up the Widget Gallery tab




2) Open up the General Widget Collection. You’ll find the widget half way down the page.












 3) Preview the asset and grab the AJAX code or REST based URL to place on your page.

Like most Aisle7 widgets you can apply custom styling. It’s that easy. Want to get started? Check out the demo or Email us to get access.

Introducing Aisle7 Content Explorer

It’s an exciting day at Aisle7 today. We just announced general availability of Aisle7 Content Explorer, a new product that allows health and wellness marketers to easily find relevant content and share it to their online marketing channels. Need an article on probiotics for your e-mail newsletter? Want to post a summer picnic idea to your Facebook community? Aisle7 Content Explorer makes it incredibly easy. With a powerful new search tool, you can instantly find dozens of health and wellness articles, widgets or tools to share in a matter of minutes.

Up until this point, marketers were locked into a specific environment or user interface. If they wanted to feature an article on their website or in their e-mail newsletter, they would need to work with their content vendor to obtain the raw xml or html files, work with their developer to integrate the code, stage it and then publish. This process could take days if not longer. Not anymore. Aisle7 Content Explorer allows a marketer to search on any wellness topic in the Aisle7 content library, preview the article, and then distribute it on the spot to their marketing channel of choice – via an AJAX script, or targeted URL that drives traffic to their website.

In today’s health and wellness environment, consumers want more than just products, they want expertise. With thousands of health and wellness self-care articles to choose from, Aisle7 Content Explorer allows you to respond quickly and easily.

Over the next 30 days, we’re going to show you how. Every day, for the next 30 days, we’re going to share with you simple, easy to follow example of how it can be used in your marketing to ignite community, drive decisions and stimulate sales.

Hope to see you tomorrow. In the meantime, take a look at the demo and see what it can do for your business.