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Aisle7 In-Store

It’s like having another employee in the aisle. Drive in-store sales by delivering wellness recommendations closer to the point of purchase. Aisle7 In-Store provides a reliable, DSHEA compliant resource for customers and store staff.

What to look for in this demo:

• Take a tour by selecting one of the decision guides in the navigation. From Health Conditions to Recipes, Aisle7 provides recommendations for the whole store.

• Don't miss the seasonal features on the home screen. For the latest in wellness check out Healthnotes Newswire — fresh health news delivered every week.

• Once you find an article, try the new email function located at the bottom of the screen. Great for in-store mobile use or to read at home.

• Once you're done with a standard version, click on the ‘custom’ button at the top of this page to see how easy it is to build a custom campaign—in this case, we made a stand-alone Vitamin Advisor.

Aisle7 In-Store
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