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Mobile Vitamin Advisor

The Aisle7 Mobile Vitamin Advisor—Family Edition is an invaluable tool to help shoppers cut the clutter and make healthy decisions for themselves and their families.

What to look for in this demo:

• Either use the mobile emulator on the left or, better yet, scan the QR code to view the Vitamin Advisor on your smartphone.

• Toggle between theme 1 and 2 using the buttons at the top of the page. Notice how easy it is to customize the Vitamin Advisor to match your brand.

• Go ahead and take the quiz. The Vitamin Advisor recommends up to six products. With our commerce option, you can decide which SKUs are displayed.

• Tap the Email Results and Coupon button at the top of the recommendation screen. And, with the commerce option, you can send your shoppers to your mobile commerce site to complete their purchase.

Mobile Vitamin Advisor
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